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Sivalbp Cladding

Sivalbp Cladding

The latest technology in wood processing, with eco friendly coating methods.

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 UK Sole Distributor of Sivalbp Timber Cladding

Sivalbp cladding products are suitable for internal as well as external use, and profiles can be supplied in a range of surface finishes including smooth, sanded, brushed, fine sawn and planed.


Quality Factory Applied Timber Coatings

Factory applied coatings enhance and compliment the natural beauty of various
timber species.

Pigmented coatings “Sesame” and “Nature” are applied on specific species to enhance the natural beauty and to protect with up to 2-5 years performance (subject to exposure).

Grey ‘pre-weathered’ sacrificial coatings provide certain timber species with an even grey finish right from the time of installation. This protects the timber for a minimum of 2 years as nature takes over the weathering process (subject to exposure).

Vintage Two warm and traditional colours that enhance the natural grain of the coated species including, Vintage Black Eco Thermo species, Thermally treated Nordic Pine and Standard Douglas Fir, offer 2 to 5 years performance (subject to exposure).


Why Choose Sivalbp Timber Cladding

Quality fully factory applied coatings.

Attractive profiles for all design needs.

A range of durable species.

Pre-weathered grey, natural and full opaque options.

Eco-friendly, water based coatings with waterproof protecting & UV inhibitors delays              weathering process.

Full chain of custody in PEFC & FSC.

Textured surfaces or sanded.

End-matched profiles for quicker installation and reduced material waste.

Coating warranty on opaque coated claddings.

Minimal maintenance.

100% usable.

Easy to install, basic tools required.


sivalbp cladding


Sivalbp Finishes

In response to environmental concerns, Sivalbp applies finishing products exclusively without solvents and are respectful of the environment in the factory.

These protective solutions against UV rays and bad weather offer the cladding a CTB B + certified preservation and respect the natural accents of wood.

Sivalbp finishes require little or no maintenance, depending on the range.

Sivalbp Finishes


Sivalbp Timber Fire Certification

Fire-certified products

Sivalbp meets European fire regulations by offering solutions for Euroclass C-s1, d0 and C-s2, d0 cladding on larch.

An innovation on saturator

Sivalbp is a pioneer in the fire resistance of cladding with saturator on several ranges of finishes - FCBA report.

22 Euroclass C solutions without flame retardant autoclave

3 solutions for natural cladding; 19 solutions for cladding with finishing - FCBA reports.

sivalbp cladding

Detail Drawings

Factory Staining


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