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Cedar Decking

Cedar Decking

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Naturally Durable Cedar Decking Boards

We have been supplying clear grades of cedar decking since 2005. We mill all clear grades to order which enables us to offer the very best quality at a very competitive price. 
All cedar decks offer the advantage of being naturally durable without treatment and offers a warm contemporay look which cannot be achieved with other timbers.

Cedar is also dimensionally stable and will not cup split or twist.

We use the same stock as that used on our timber cladding to ensure the cladding and deck match.

Cedar Decking price guide

85% #2 Clear & Better with 15% Select #4’s Grade

We usually mill 27 x 144 smooth decking with eased edges.

20m2                           £88 per sqm + vat
30m2                           £86 per sqm + vat
40m2                          £84 per sqm + vat
50m2                          £80 per sqm + vat

Great Treated or Untreated 

This picture shows untreated cedar decking. The timber will not rot due to the natural oils within the timber. Cedar decking will fade to a silver grey colour if untreated


Attractive & Durable

We supplied the Cedar Decking for this prize winning garden for the Hampton Court Flower Show

The show garden was designed by Thomas Hoblyn garden design in 2006 and gained a gold medal.
After the show, the Cedar decking was moved to Thom’s private garden.

The deck featured in BBC Hampton Court flower show program where the presenters were standing during at the start of the show and the closing sharing a drink sat on the decking.

Natural Warmth of Cedar Decking

There is no timber which gives the natural warmth and variation in colour as Cedar. The smell of cedar is also unique.

Please also look at our cedar cladding pictures to assess the colours which we cut from the same stock.

Although cedar is very durable it is a soft timber and therefore only suitable for areas of low foot flow.
Perhaps Thermowood decking is better suited as decking for a young families garden.

Detail Drawings

Factory Staining


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