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Timber Cladding FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please also refer to our downloads page for timber cladding fact sheets, please click here.

What are the delivery costs?

Delivery is based on your address and the quantity ordered. We will detail this on your quotation and may even be free on larger orders.

What lengths can be supplied?

We can supply most lengths between 6 and 20ft. Please let us know your ideal at time of order so we can check our timber stocks.

Should extra timber be ordered for wastage & trimming?

We recommend adding 10 to 15% to all orders.

Can any profile be milled & any size trim?

We can mill any profile up to 200mm wide. Please send a sketch or post an off cut of timber so we grind our cutters to match.

What treatment do you recommend on cedar cladding?

Sikkens WF771 is a very natural looking stain as it allows the natural timber colour to show through, it is also very easy to apply.

What is the service life of cedar cladding?

If fitted correctly Canadian Western red cedar can have an expected service life of 60 years

What fixings should be used for timber cladding?

Stainless steel ring shank nails must enter the battens 30mm.

What is the recommended spacing for timber battens?

600mm spacing's are recommended - please look at our corners & trim page for further details

How is the timber delivered?

We will normally deliver with 18 ton curtain sided truck & the driver will remove the cladding by hand. Help with unloading is always appreciated

What are the differences between grade 2 clear, grade 4 clear & grade A western red cedar?

Grade 2 clear cedar is a very clear grade, many boards will be clear but the occasional knot is to be expected on some boards. Grade 4 clear is also a clear grade but a few more knots allowed within this grade. Grade A is similar to grade 2 clear but the timber is graded after milling (grade 2 & 4 clear are graded when sawn).

A summary of the grade 2 clear rules is that 3 knots of 25mm diameter are allowed on a 3.75m long board. A summary of grade 4 clear is that 4 knots of 25mm diameter are allowed on a 3.75m long board. Grades are very difficult to understand as the rules are for the worst case boards & many boards are better than this minimum standard.

We often supply a grade 2 and grade 4 clear mix. This is ideal as it is generally clear, some customers use the occasional board with knots in for trimming around doors and windows or corners to achieve a grade a project at a low cost. Other customers like to see the occasional knot as they feel it looks more natural while still giving a generally clear contemporary project. End splitting is also allowed within each grade and can be a problem with western red cedar but we control our milling very tightly and try our best to remove any cedar cladding boards with large end splits. We have some pictures on our gallery page showing the grade2 and grade 4 mix.

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