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Cape Cod Cladding

Cape Cod Cladding

Striking pre-finished wood cladding

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Cape Cod Cladding, Trims and Colour Matched Accessories

Cape Cod is part of the family owned and operated Marwood Ltd; a company that has been supplying the finest quality timber for three generations.

By manufacturing wood cladding all under oone roof, from a raw piece of wood to a finished product, quality can be controlled at each stage of production. It’s your assurance of a 100% usable product that is both aesthetically and environmentally sound.

This finished wood cladding is natural, beautiful and reputable. It is used by self-builders, developers and individuals on private and commercial projects, all supplied by Benchmark, the sole distributor of Cape Cod for the UK.


Lodegpole Pine

Cape Cod cladding is manufactured from hand selected Canadian Lodgepole Pine which is then         kiln dried and band sawn to produce a textured, sawn, brushed or smooth face. Bright and beautifully workable, Lodgepole Pine ranks with the best of the pines.

Soft texture and fine grain are key ingredients in Lodgepole Pine’s excellent working properties, which are ranked highly among world softwoods. The wood is able to be machined cleanly and evenly to fine tolerances without splitting or splintering.

Lodgepole pine works well with hand or power tools and takes nails readily and holds them securely. Lodgepole Pine seasons easily with little shrinkage, and when dry, remains           dimensionally stable.

Special kiln drying reduces the moisture content of the wood before processing, further         enhancing stability. The wood’s intergrown knots, a characteristic of the species, are generally small and sound and readily accept and retain the factory applied coating.


cape cod cladding


Cape Cod Production Process


Coated using a high performance water-based acrylic paint, then oven dried & repeated prior to packaging.

Raw Timber

We select the finest raw timber, containing only small, tight knots with a straight grained         texture.


We manufacture seven profiles in the range, each with it’s own characteristic look.


Colour consistency and paint quality is maintained under strict laboratory conditions to match virtually any colour.

Defect Cut

Our unique defect line ensures that any loose knots are manually removed and the holes are         filled.


Timber Cladding Installation Tips


Cladding and trims should be stored on a flat, level surface, off the ground, preferably under cover. Adequate protection from the elements is essential at all times and timber must be kept dry prior to installation. The plastic packaging, if opened carefully, can be used for protection.

It is imperative that all cuts, particularly ends, are well sealed with matching touch up paint prior to fixing. Cladding must be fitted tight to junctions with vertical trims and corners. When ‘joining’ cladding, square butt joints can be used but improved results will be achieved by an angled mitre cut, particularly at top and bottom of boards on vertical applications.

Secret Fix Cladding is installed with Cape Cod colour matched stainless steel nails. When using 63mm nails, the cladding can be fitted at maximum 600mm centres. Boards up to 150mm wide can be fitted with a single nail. Boards over 150mm wide require 2 nails per board. Nail heads to be flush with the surface of the cladding.

Cape Cod requires very little maintenance other than cleaning to remove dirt or algae. It can be gently hosed down with low pressure if required. Periodic inspection should be carried out for damage or seasoning checks, which should be filled and touch up paint used.


Detail Drawings

Factory Staining


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